Endoskeletons: Unseen Threats in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach Endoskeleton Guide

Endoskeletons are one of the most annoying enemies in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. They’re the animatronics’ inner robot, and they’re a nightmare to defeat.

The best way to avoid them is to use hiding spots. They can’t see you if you’re hidden from view, but they’ll still patrol the corridors.

Endoskeletons don’t move

As you make your way into the Utility Tunnels, you’ll encounter your first endoskeleton. This animatronic looks a lot like Endo-02 but has a rustier appearance and more electronics running through its upper body mass. It also has a different shape for its mouth.

Unlike the fully-fleshed animatronics, endoskeletons don’t move around much. They remain stationary, waiting for you to notice them. If they do spot you, they’ll begin chasing you. This means that you need to use your environment against them. Bait them to an area with a door they can’t see and sprint ahead until you’ve run out of stamina.

Nightmare Endo is an exception to this rule, as he moves around more than the other animatronics. He has a larger jaw and bigger sharp claws than the other endoskeletons, and his body looks more sturdy and rusty. He’s also the only endoskeleton that carries a flashlight. He was introduced in a non-canon game called FNAF World, where he makes a short appearance as an endoskeleton for Plushtrap.

They patrol

While there are some exceptions, the majority of endoskeletons patrol rather than simply stand around. They’ve been designed to detect humans and hunt them down. This is why they’re so incredibly terrifying, even though most players will never see their animatronic faces.

The first encounter with an endoskeleton will be in the Utility Tunnels. After the first area, make your way to the conveyor belt room and press the button on the far side of the door. This will activate the next locked door and a guarding endoskeleton will start patrolling the area.

This endoskeleton looks a lot like Endo-02, but it has a lot more wires running through its body and a much more prominent head shape. Its mouth also doesn’t have any teeth and its eyes glow red when it spots the player. It will then move towards the player, and if it catches them, they will be stuffed into one of the animatronics, killing them.

They’re hard to spot

Unlike the other animatronics in the franchise, endoskeletons are hard to spot. This is because they don’t patrol or move unless you have their attention. Endoskeletons also have a high-tech appearance, featuring copper wiring on their torsos and lack of pupil casing on their eyes, revealing glowing red irises underneath.

The first endoskeleton in Security Breach can be found guarding a small passage in the Utility Tunnels. Lure it into this area using the first door you opened, and then wait for it to come towards you.

When it does, quickly run to the first hiding spot you can find and hide in there. If you want to speed up the process, utilise the conveyor belt room ahead of the entrance to this passage and then bait the endoskeleton into it. This will make it easier for you to escape.

They’re a threat

These animatronics are a threat to the environment because they are made from metals and wires. They also have piercing red eyes that look dangerous to anyone who looks at them. Besides, they have a lot of internal parts that can malfunction and cause a great deal of harm. These malfunctions can be fatal to the environment.

The Glamrock Endos are an advanced form of the classic endoskeleton, designed for the glamrock animatronics at the Mega Pizzaplex. They appear in Security Breach and the Ruin DLC as a group of hostile enemies. They are gray in color like Endo-01 and 02, but they have a much stronger build. Their torsos are covered in copper wiring, and their eyes lack pupil casing, revealing glowing red irises.

To avoid Glamrock Endos, you should move as slowly as possible and never look at them directly. They will only attack you if they notice you. To avoid them, try to stay hidden as often as possible and use the environment against you.

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