Canon DLC Ruin confirms FNAF Security Breach endings

Security Breach: Ruin DLC Confirms FNAF Ruin Ending Is Canon

The newest DLC for Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, Ruin, has three details that confirm the true canon ending for the game. This ending involves beating Princess Quest and then escaping the Pizzaplex with Gregory.

This ending reveals that Glitchtrap was actually William Afton and that the Mimic is the cause of the virus that plagues the animatronics.

1. The Mimic is Real

A recurring antagonist in the Tales from the Pizzaplex books, The Mimic is a tall animatronic endoskeleton. It is the main antagonist of both the book series and its DLC, RUIN. The Mimic has been known to copy and mimic the voices of those it encounters, even to a point where it can replicate a human’s actions. This leads many fans to believe that the Mimic is actually William Afton’s murderous self uploaded into a new body, with Glitchtrap and Burntrap being his clones.

In RUIN, the Mimic is actually seen wearing Afton’s dead corpse. The endoskeleton is covered in fourth degree burns, and only a few boney fingers remain on its right hand. It also wears Afton’s old Spring Bonnie costume, further confirming that it is in fact a version of William Afton.

Despite this, it’s important to note that the RUIN canon ending doesn’t really confirm what happened to William Afton in the non-canon Security Breach ending. Rather, the canon ending for RUIN is the one where Vanny is unmasked and saved. Whether this is the real canon ending for FNAF 3 or not remains to be seen, but it’s certainly a good starting point. The Ruin DLC did a great job at blurring the line between canon and non-canon.

2. The Princess Quest Ending is Confirmed

One of the main questions surrounding FNAF RUIN is which ending is canon. The game hints at a number of different endings, including the Save Vanny end, but also includes an ending where Burntrap and Gregory escape together.

The ambiguous scream at the end of FNAF RUIN implies that all the other mascots are still trapped within the Pizzaplex, but also shows that if you do everything right, you can get the Princess Quest Ending in which Gregory and Vanessa escape through a vent into Fazer Blast, where they’re seen eating ice cream.

Interestingly, FNAF RUIN includes all of the other ends as hand-drawn collectibles that are marked as non-canon. It’s not clear if this is because the other end is a “fantasy” that Gregory created in his mind or if this is a retcon of the game’s original canon.

The retcon may be partially due to the fact that a number of the different end points are shown as comic panels, which are marked as non-canon in the game’s files. It could also be because RUIN explicitly says that the other end points are fantasies of Gregory’s, including a fictitious fight with Burntrap. Regardless, this is the only true canon end for the DLC. The rest of the FNAF series’s canon isn’t as cut and dry.

3. The Burntrap Ending is Confirmed

Aside from the fact that Glitchtrap is retconned, the FNAF Ruin DLC confirms that the Princess Quest ending of Security Breach is actually canon. In the DLC, Cassie, the new character in the game, makes her way to the same location of FNAF 6 that Gregory and Glamrock Freddy fought Burntrap in the original canon ending for the game. She then destroys the concrete barrier that prevented her from reaching the animatronic in the past.

In addition, Cassie sees a vision of herself, Gregory and Helpi in the same grassy area that they were when the original canon ending of the game ended, indicating that all of the other endings are just fantasies that Gregory made up to keep himself entertained. The DLC also confirms that the Blob strangled Burntrap with one of its tentacles.

All of these details make it clear that the Princess Quest ending is actually canon, and not a fake. This is especially true given that FNAF RUIN also features hand-drawn collectibles that show all of the game’s endings, including the Princess Quest ending, and that they are all fantasies drawn by Gregory. It’s hard to argue with a plotline that has been confirmed by the creator of Five Nights at Freddy’s, Scott Cawthon.

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